Monday, April 24, 2017

Anne Graue


sordid garments laced
with brazen-faced

her convicted eye
her heart
her little neck

she shed her self
the germ of her
on peaceful knees

her folded hands
on white ermine
the red skirt

her throated falcon
ladies waiting
a crucifix for her waist

her gaze
a disturbance then
the gleaming descent

Anne reads "Her Beheading":

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Anne confesses: "I have been obsessed with Anne Boleyn of late, and this poem is a manifestation of her last moments. It is part of a series of poems concerned with the courtship and marriage of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII that resulted in such a violent end."

ANNE GRAUE lives and writes in Mahopac, New York. Her poetry has been published in literary journals including The Westchester Review, Ginosko Literary Journal, The Fem, Random Sample Review, and Yellow Chair Review. Her chapbook, Fig Tree in Winter, is forthcoming in 2017 from Dancing Girl Press.

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