Monday, July 24, 2017

Tracey Ikerd


Neutral ports full of spies, Lisbon lay in wait
for this naive merchant of the sea.
Baixa, city of refuge,
how Tagus' smile greeted me,
and washed me in its blissful tide.
Like Sebastian so young and green. I longed
to herald my country's fame.
An agent in the doubles game.
I wanted that - I wanted more.

I fished along the alehouse shore
for my sweet Karin, but met instead
an Abwehr who favoured my dilemma.
For a little intel he would pass to her my letter.
The truth he asked I did not know
so I sold him what sounded better.
Little did I know his honey trap was set.
And I caught deep in blackmails slanderous web,
coercion most foul.
A convoy of secrets I betrayed.

Like Jonah, under storm cloud eyes
I sat upon the swell.
Espionage adrift.
As regents swarmed down tainted wires,
racing to England’s sunny shore.
Kedge anchor dropped its chain pulling
me towards my fate.
If only Garcia had sheltered me under
his double agent’s wing.
In secret I was met, feeding
false intel was declined. My value
would be better met as scapegoat for the rest.

Eighteen pounds paid for my noose.
They'll hang this lesson
from the dock.
The price of treason
for all to see.

Gerald So reads "The Downfall of Duncan Scott-Ford":

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Tracey confesses: "This poem was inspired by the true events of Duncan Scott-Ford who was from my hometown, Plymouth. Through Duncan's persona, I wanted to portray an alternate point of view, one that shows his naivety, and that if British intelligence officers had used him as a spy his outcome would have been different."

TRACEY IKERD is a mother of two wonderful daughters and a granddaughter. After spending her working career in management she took some time off to complete her B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing where she is now patiently waiting for my results. She didn't write poetry until her final degree module and this poem is her first attempt at persona poetry.

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