Monday, November 27, 2017

Kieran Shea


At large, the killer dreams of black zeroes,
cold Coca-Cola, and dire wolves.

There was a time he was denied such visions, but
with three dead in two states dreams now present.

Walls of water, a skyscraper made of bone, a clock with
eyes always reading ten minutes till midnight.

In the morning the killer pays off his balance
and accepts a paper cup of old coffee.

Later heading east, a storm up from the Gulf is a veil
alive with light, a reminder of his ferocity and his madness.

Gerald So reads "At Large, the Killer Dreams":

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Kieran confesses: "Inspirations - Sng’oi people of Malaysia and how they believe dreams are real and life is an illusion...Charles Starkweather...tenuous road existence and the the delusional normalcy of modern sexual violence."

KIERAN SHEA is an author, gadfly, chef, and misfit. His latest novel, Off Rock, was released this past spring by Titan Books.

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