Monday, December 25, 2017

Kufre Udeme


for Dan Brown

The Vatican has gone mad
A scar on the face of Christ
We look in the mirror but we can't see
"Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean"
We pray as if we mean it
Every seven days we light candle en mass
Mumbling to saints and virgins
Singing psalms and gossiping the Devil
"Get behind me, Satan," every second
We cast and bind as if we mean it
He laughs out loud and forgives us
Twenty-four hours later he mocks us
When we return to hell as prodigal sons
Sacrificing purity on the altar of beauty
Painting purgatory as if it's reality
And then we vex heaven with unholy sex
Trading our crown for papal power
And then we war the poor among us
A scar on the face of Christ
"Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow"
We beg Him seven days later
When the spiritual wheels are in motion
Going up the sanctuary sanctimoniously
Lifting up the wine and wafer harmoniously
Caging our souls with beads and incense
Thinking we are sane when we are mad
From the Romans to the Jews
The Vatican has gone mad
A scar on the face of Christ

Gerald So reads "The Vatican Has Gone Mad":

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Kufre confesses nothing.

KUFRE UDEME is a tech entrepreneur and a culturally-bound Nigerian writer. Since 2007, he has written novels, short stories, poems and articles. He is a graduate of Philosophy majoring on Aesthetics and is currently working on his debut novel which is a historical story about African Witchcraft. Kufre blogs at

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