Monday, February 26, 2018

David S. Pointer


In this Cupidian utopia
AKA "selfie-land" cops
send things off to a lab
to find out if they have
serum repository sewage
or chocolate-covered
cherries bleeding out,
splotching the bear paw
coasters, black as eye
patches dispensed freely
for unvast worldviews
making decisions built
on predatory charm
brain chemistry glowing
wired with online love.

David reads "Soulmate Mountain":

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David confesses: "This poem was inspired by the modern cyber-dater world, and various news stories and online articles that I have read over the years."

DAVID S. POINTER had recent work published in Trajectory and a Vincent Van Gogh-themed anthology Resurrection of a Sunflower published by Pski's Porch.

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