Sunday, April 1, 2018

Day 1: Mystery Playground and Empty Mirror

This year's 30 Days of the Five-Two begins at Mystery Playground, run by writer and longtime friend of The Five-Two Deb Lacy.

Like she did last year, Deb has chosen five poems from our archives she will feature on Sundays throughout the tour. First up is "Vineland" by our fellow Short Mystery Fiction Society member Robert Weibezahl.

The tour's second poem of Day 1 is from Empty Mirror, whose editor, Denise Enck, I've gotten to know on Twitter. When I invited Denise on tour, she wasn't sure EM had featured any poems about crime, but I quickly found "If The Monster Looked Like Us" by Bola Opaleke.

Like last year's tour, this year's includes poetry chosen from across the Web and throughout history to show that crime is a tried and truly powerful poetic theme.

Meeting Bola, I invited him on tour as well. Later this month, he'll blog about John Patrick Robbins' recent Five-Two poem "Dogs to the Chain".

Gerald So

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