Monday, May 7, 2018

Patricia Lacy


Walking the alley
in the dark of night,
my dog prances around the refuse,
sniffing hopefully
at piles of decay,
but then, even he trots away...

No use for all the trash,
Better to walk beside the river,
Where at least there's light.
Birds dive into ripples
As a boat floats into dock.

But all that's floating free
Is simply debris.
The plastic neck from a six-pack
To strangle a bird,
No twist or turn nor wings.
Beating wild...
Will save that bird to swoop over
whoever again strolls by...

A glass bottle drifts to shore,
Then crashes on a rock,
Shattering glints
Attracting wildlife,
Their true danger masked.

A grungy cigar butt, my dog chews upon,
We walk until he eschews the filth.
My bag at hand to clean with stealth
the regurgitate, butt et al.
Toss it into the waste can,
Wishfully thinking
It will be the last,

But knowing
More and more
will be
Left behind.

Gerald So reads "Grime"

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Patricia confesses: "I was inspired to write this poem because littering and poisoning our environment, even unintentionally, is a serious crime that many commit in their daily lives."

PATRICIA LACY has been President of the League of Women Voters Georgetown County, South Carolina and served on the board of Acton Stowe League of Women Voters, She is a member of Riverkeepers and is a staunch supporter SCELP and the Sierra Club. She writes poetry when she’s not saving the environment.


Deborah Lacy said...

Love this poem. Thanks for posting it, Gerald.

Kerry Hammond said...

I love this. A sad truth revealed in poetry form.

Anonymous said...