Monday, June 11, 2018

Zakariah Johnson


Her neighbor’s new pup from the pound,
Kept snuffling and scratching the ground.
So, she left poisoned meat,
On her stoop as a treat,
To ensure her old man was not found!

Zak reads "Sending Fido Home":

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Zak confesses: "I’m a big fan of rhyming light verse, of “campfire poems” of the sort that are easy to remember and share, like limericks and ballads."

ZAKARIAH JOHNSON is a New Hampshire-based writer and the cross-genre editor for FoldedWord. His prose and poetry, mystery and horror, can be found in such publications as BEAT to a PULP, Switchblade, Shotgun Honey, Yellow Mama, and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine. Visit him @Pteratorn on Twitter.

1 comment:

Andree Gendron said...

Cute piece...I like the campfire poetry concept. Maybe I'll run into you on a NH camping trip sometime