Monday, January 28, 2019

Jim George


His garb was always orange,
Hence his sobriquet.
They called him Orange Julius
And he had a certain sway.
A pimp by trade, he strutted
In his orange finery.
You could spot him from a distance
Even if a dot quite wee.
He passed his time collecting
His women’s nightly fees,
Living off the time spent
On their backs and on their knees.
To those who didn’t deliver
Or held back extra cash,
Julius was quick with
A slap or punch or slash.
His violence put him somewhere
Not suited to his flair,
But he can still be Orange Julius
‘Cause that’s the color they all wear.

Jim reads "Orange Julius":

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Jim confesses: "As often happens with my writings, this poem was inspired by one of my drawings which I liken to automatic writing in that they are unplanned, off-the-cuff pen-to-paper expressions. The pimp looked flamboyant, and I imagined this little dark-humored scenario."

JIM GEORGE is a writer, artist, songwriter, singer and musician from Reading, PA. He has authored a humorous wordplayful collection of illustrated stories and verse entitled Jim Shorts (available as a PDF). His fiction and artwork have appeared in various publications, and his songs have been used in television and film. As a journalist, he has written for Playboy and Cinema Retro. His blog is By Jim George.

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