Monday, March 25, 2019

Gregory Cioffi


There I was mediating once again
In the seated position known as Zazen

Concentration becoming exemplary
In the upstate Zen Buddhist monastery

The Zendō, the perfect environment
For me to finally reach enlightenment

I was almost there, or so it would seem
When I was interrupted by a scream

I darted out of my spiritual dojo
Understanding dharma, I had to forgo

Ran to the meal hall to see a group huddled
A murder here? I was truly befuddled

The masses made way for me, the outsider;
And there, in center, I saw it: a dead a spider

Greg reads "Murder at the Monastery":

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Greg confesses: "Last year I visited the Zen Mountain Monastery in the Catskill Mountains in Mount Tremper, New York. It was a magical, surreal, eye-opening experience. It also allowed me to conjure up some pretty comedic premises - that's just where my mind goes sometimes. This particular narrative arose when I was sweeping the floor (everyone has to do chores at the monastery) and came across a tiny little arachnid friend. Given where I was, hilarious thoughts ensued..."

GREGORY CIOFFI (SAG-AFTRA, AEA) is a professional actor and a published writer. His stories have been published in The Feral Press, Mystery Weekly Magazine, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Aphelion, and Allegory Ridge. Greg’s first film, The Museum of Lost Things, just recently won awards at both The Long Island International Film Expo and The Madrid International Film Festival.

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