Monday, April 15, 2019

Erin Bryant


As I lay here devastated, humiliated and degraded,
I try to reminisce of a time I didn't feel hated.

Any good memories all seem to fade,
I try so hard, but your hateful words stayed.

My feelings are hurt, my confidence is shot,
a laugh at your expense, but my misery is what it brought.

I don’t think I am good enough, it’s hard to look in the mirror,
you make me want to just give up, I've never felt so inferior.

I used to be scared to die but now it doesn’t seem so bad,
at least you won’t have the satisfaction of laughing when I’m sad.

I didn’t want this for myself, I used to be full of joy and whit,
I had goals and dreams for my future, but you’ve now ruined it.

I just can’t go on living this way where each day is a nightmare.
I’m one step away from being a social media story you share.

You may laugh it up now, thinking it’s all in good fun,
not knowing your slowing pulling the trigger to my dad’s gun.

I know I’m barely a teen, but I can no longer deal with all the teasing,
Is that what you want? To kill an innocent kid for no reason?

You may think what you say or do means nothing,
but you will see how much it really hurt me, when you read my obituary,
and know that I wasn’t bluffing.


Erin reads "Dear Bully":

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Erin confesses: "This poem is meant to give a voice to all the young children who have committed suicide due to depression caused by bullying. In February 2019, an 8-year-old boy hung himself because of bullying. After watching the story on the news, I was in tears. I just felt the urge to write. I took out my phone and began typing, and within five minutes the poem was finished."

ERIN BRYANT is a mother of three from Louisville, Kentucky.

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