Monday, April 29, 2019

Kenneth Pobo


He goes to the rugby field
and draws swastikas, Stars of David
and the ever-popular “Suck D*c.”

As a gay man I wonder about
the “Suck D*c.” The bad spelling
advertises his fantasy
he writes out large in public—
a coming out
even if he thinks he’s staying in.
Naturally, accompanied by pictures
of guy genitals. Maybe

if he spells it wrong, the truth
slips away. Instead, it turns
the field into his own gay bar,
private in public, says who
he really is. Hating who he is,
he wears the latest swastika,
a popular design now. Lil’ Redd,
like Little Red Riding Hood who entered
a stomach to await rescue. Come out,
Lil’ Redd, there’s work to be done.

Ken reads "Lil' Redd":

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Ken confesses: "Hate crimes are getting more numerous in the age of Trump. Vandals are drawn to symbols of hate. This particular vandal included gay-hating designs/language. I take it personally. Perhaps he doth protest too much—and his fury at gay people is a fury of what he fears in himself."

KENNETH POBO has a new book out from Clare Songbirds Publishing House called The Antlantis Hit Parade. He has work forthcoming in: Switchback, Other Terrain, Trinity Review, Total Eclipse, and more.

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