Monday, May 27, 2019

Rena J. Worley


Skip the rope
No knife
Ditch the gun
I said
Skip the rope

The feel of flesh
Soft or wrinkled
Smooth or stubbled
Jugular jumping under my palm

Hands tear at my latex gloved clinch
Eyes bulge
Full body
Convulsive twitch

Bruised purple necklace
Surprised expression
Dead weight drop

Meander away
Smiling to myself
I said
Skip the rope

RJ reads "Strangle Hold":

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RJ confesses: "Movies and TV strangle on-screen. Theaters strangle onstage and books strangle on the page. Samuel Little strangled numerous people in real life. Curiosity asked, what was it like? Not for the wronged victim but, for the deliberate killer. Imagination flipped the view from terrified prey to cruel hunter seeking to answer the question."

RENA J. WORLEY is a Word Artist residing in rural Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you to those of you that have posted on my poem.