Monday, July 22, 2019

Jim George


The mellowdy he thort of
Was formiliar—he said, “Sort of.”
Though he mantanned the muse was with ‘im,
He was accursed of playgiarhythm.

A loresuit then was filed
‘Gainst the singsong he turnstyled
By the copyrightful orner,
Which made his moot forlorner.

His daze in quart arrivaled
When he was sworn and bibled.
The twoons were side-by-sided
While the oddversaries bided.

The deafendant’s testymoany
Was flamsy if not foeny:
“They’re similark, but to be fair,
“Mine’s in a mynah key there.”

“I dessert a piece of piecrust,”
The complaintiff said, “and I must
“Be awarted for the folly
“Of that cracker-stealing Polly.”

The eggspurts then conclueded
The toon o’er which was feuded
Was ribbed off by the sue-ee
Despite his clayme of phooey.

The mealody he lifted
That coursed them to be rifted
Was popularge all over
And kept him livering in clover.

So now he’d hab to share sum
Of the royaltease he urned from
His flaygrant playgiarhythm
And that fauxny muse once with ‘im.

Jim reads "Playgiarhythm":

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Jim confesses: "This was inspired by a drawing I did of a running masked thief who has a musical staff and notes trailing out of his pocket. In a kind of reversal, I wrote this poem to illustrate the artwork."

JIM GEORGE is a writer-artist-songwriter-musician from Reading, PA. His fiction, poems and artwork have appeared in The Sea Letter, The Ear, Fleas On the Dog, Praxis, ANON, The Disappointed Housewife, Hock Spit Slurp, Queen Mob's Tea House, and The Five-Two; his interviews have been published in Playboy, Cinema Retro and Best Classic Bands; and his songs have been used on network television shows and in film. Jim Shorts, his first book, is a humorous collection of wordplayful stories, poems and line drawings, available as a PDF from the author.

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