Monday, November 18, 2019

Allan Lake


Corner store an odd place for murder.
Generic, prosaic. This wouldn't wash
in the most unnovel novel. 'Edged weapon'
an odd name for knife with its silent k
holding on for, what, dear life? Anyway—
He'd popped in, in his high-vis vest
for a little something and certainly got it.
Two males in custody. Store owner said,
"He was a nice guy, a regular."
Not anymore though. Twenty-four
and there's nothing more and for those
who need reasonable reasons
it's going to be disappointing.
He had been laughing inside, went
outside where he encountered two men
who put an edged weapon straight into
his abdomen. People do things like that
and it results in a brief column on page 8.
Perhaps police will get to the bottom of it;
perhaps there is no bottom at all.

Allan reads "Page 8 Incident":

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Allan confesses: "I literally read about this seemingly pointless stabbing in an Australian newspaper one day, some time ago. It's a common occurrence. Cain killed Abel. "

Originally from Saskatchewan, ALLAN LAKE has lived in Vancouver, Cape Breton Island, Ibiza, Tasmania and, for now, Melbourne. Collection published: Sand in the Sole (2014). Lake won Elwood Poetry Prize 2016, Lost Tower Publications(UK) Poetry Comp 2017 and Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival Competition 2018. Besides Australia he has been published in Canada, UK, USA, Mauritius, India, West Indies and Italy.

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