Monday, November 4, 2019

Peri Dwyer Worrell


The sun, the breeze, the waves.
Something solid, and beneath,
The shade and further back, the
Dark pain and rage from times
Long past, dealt with, beat back.
Surge now in swift attack,
A venal, manly moan, I
Shower salt water from my hair,
You burst right in, you whine.
At once my rage wakes up
As though no time has passed:
My dad, my mom, the bath,
Her nude and dragged, the sound
As feet slip in the tub,
A groan of things that slide
Out of control like feet,
Like fists, a face, a fall.
And all the blows my mom
Took, black eyes, bruised, stiff neck.
Sun shone in through the bars
On windows to keep us safe
And who stayed safe? Who? Who?
The monsters live within.

Peri reads "Safe in the Sunshine":

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Peri confesses: "I think most survivors of abusive childhood environments deal with the emotional fallout of those experiences our entire lives. I know I have! Writing this poem was just another step in my journey. You can experience more of my poetry here."

PERI DWYER WORRELL grew up white on a Puerto Rican street in New York, gaining a keen appreciation of the value of diversity, tolerance, and taking no crap from anyone. After thirty years as a physician, Peri became disabled and expatriated to Latin America. Peri writes fiction and poetry, and edits scientific articles.

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Charles said...

Haunting. Well done.