Monday, December 9, 2019

Elaine Person

Arm in arm, two men
strolled until someone shot them.
Just father and son.

Elaine reads "Arm in arm...":

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Elaine confesses: "I live in Orlando where the Pulse nightclub shooting happened. In some cultures, it is common for men to walk arm in arm. I thought about what crime could occur if a prejudiced person misinterpreted this affection. Life is perception. Perception and reality can differ."

ELAINE PERSON’s parody of King Arthur appeared in Random House’s A Century of College Humor. Elaine teaches writing workshops at libraries, churches, for Road Scholar, and Crealdé School of Art. In 2018, Elaine won the Saturday Evening Post Limerick Contest. Elaine is published in Florida Writers Association’s short story collections, Poets of Central Florida anthologies, and contributes to and edits Florida State Poets Association’s annual anthologies. Her writing is included in, Sandhill Review, and Not Your Mother’s Book. Elaine writes “Person”alized poems and stories for all occasions. During these serious times, she feels her performances of her one-woman show Humor in a Hurried and Harried World elevate the spirit.

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