Monday, January 6, 2020

Robert Cooperman


At first, I wondered
why a governor who signed
an open carry law gleefully
as a kid tearing into
his Christmas present,
would also sign an executive order
freeing non-violent offenders.

Then it hit me: he wanted
those released felons hunted
by gun-loving supporters.

Sure those prisoners weren’t guilty
of armed robbery or manslaughter,
but who’s to say they won’t graduate
to more vicious crimes?
Besides, they defrauded, kited checks,
sold drugs to kids, bored housewives,
investment bankers, doctors, lawyers,
judges, morticians, and grannies,
thus contributing to the gutting
of America’s greatness.
So they deserve their heads blown off.

Not mentioned, they were released
into big game parks, to be tracked, stalked,
and blasted, their carcasses gutted,
cleaned and butchered into cheap cuts
of meat for neighborhoods
that were otherwise food deserts.

A win for the governor, his legislators,
supporters, and of course the deserving poor.

Gerald So reads "Oklahoma's Open Carry Law":

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Bob confesses: "A dear friend from Oklahoma wrote a while ago that the new governor had almost simultaneously instituted an open carry law and an amnesty for various classes of non-violent prisoners. I wondered why, and came up with this modest proposal/solution, sort of inspired by Swift and the story, 'The Most Dangerous Game'"

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