Monday, November 30, 2020

Angelina Mitescu


one moment of distraction
the car swerved off road
a soft bump under the tire

could this get any worse?
i rushed out to find
a nail sticking out of the tread

most would call the shop
and wait for someone
to rope up the car but
my only concerns were

finding the rest
of the fingers and
hiding the body

Tara Skurtu reads "oh god not again":

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Angelina confesses: "I wrote 'oh god not again' as an accumulation of the media I had been consuming, mostly inspired by true-crime podcasts and scary Reddit stories. I felt that the ones that truly took me by surprise were the ones that started off simple but changed right at the end, shaking up my whole perspective. I wanted to write something similar, something that makes your stomach drop and keeps it locked in that pit."

ANGELINA MITESCU is a Romanian poet and high school student.

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