Monday, December 27, 2021

Tony Dawson


A woman’s torso was found
in a suitcase in a dark alley,
and her head, in a laundry bag
on the bank of the Potomac.
The arms were in a plastic bag
next to her legs, which were
tied together in a kit bag.
When questioned by the police,
the boyfriend claimed he didn’t know
where she’d gone. She’d simply split.
"She was driving me nuts," he said,
"So, I just sent her packing..."

Tony reads "Case Closed":

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Tony confesses: "Some time ago I read in the paper that a woman’s body had been dismembered and abandoned in a couple of suitcases. The idea of suitcases being used in that way in a murder case conjured up a macabre sense of a well-known expression..."

TONY DAWSON has lived in Seville since 1989 having had a career in higher education both in the UK and Spain. Some published poems in English include "Lithuanian Cat’s Cradle" in Critical Survey, "Embers" by Shoestring Press, "Chance Encounter" and "Love’s a Laugh" in, "Attempted Suicide" and "Joan of Arc" in The Five-Two, "Pandemonium", "The Dead of Night", "Maradona Meets His Maker", and "Family Funeral" among others in the Syndic Literary Journal. "Bitte (sic) Experience" in summer 2021 issue of Chiron Review. "Sex Drive" and "App for Ancient Swingers" and flash fiction in Spanish: "Intento de suicidio and Fuenteovejuna" in issue 9 of Home Planet News, "Hidden Meanings" in Poetry and Covid online.

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