Monday, November 28, 2022

Katherine Heil


You should clean up, darling.
Lipstick—that’s all. It’s on your teeth,
I can see it when you smile.

Clean up, before anyone sees.
Tuck that pistol away, darling,
pull out the mirror and ‘kerchief.
I’ll do it for you, if you like.
Your hands are rather dirty.

We’ve got time, darling,
don’t fret about it. I know,
but in a house like this,
it’ll take hours before they care.
The chandeliers will blind them.
They’ll look in the basement first.

You should clean up, darling.
Put on the fresh make-up—
we can’t have anyone recognizing us.
Give me the mirror when you’re finished.

Gerald So reads "After Party":

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Katherine confesses: "I was inspired by the glamorous image murders can take on when the victim is rich or famous, that jarring combination of elegance and violence. It's what I think can power the intrigue of the public, alongside the draw of co-conspirators working together, even when they risk implication and betrayal."

KATHERINE HEIL is a Michigan writer who can be found writing anything she likes and listening to music at almost every waking moment. With a fondness for books that she can read in a flash, she is currently getting into mystery novels.

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