Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sandra Seamans

About a hundred years ago I entered my first and last poetry contest. Of course I won and for only $39.95 the publishers would be happy to include my prize winning poetry in their massive volume of rhymes. I guess that makes me an award winning poet (I have the certificates to prove it, don't cha know.), even though I'm not a published poet since I didn't have the cash to ante up for publishing costs.

So...how did I get included in this marvelous group of poets? I mean, for god's sake, Ken Bruen and me?? If that's not a WTF moment I don't know what is. Truth is Gerald said, "How about it?" and I said, "Oh hell, why not?"

When it comes to writing, I jump in feet first and ask questions later. I'll give anything that takes stringing words together a try. Which is the true story of how a non-poet wound up included in The Lineup. And if Gerald says I held a gun to his head, well, don't believe him.

As for my writing credits, I started out writing letters to the editor of my local paper which turned into a weekly humor column (yeah, another one of those "How about it?" moments). I did the usual slice of life pieces for the regional farm papers and magazines, then about five years ago I discovered the internet. Joined a few writing groups and wound up as co-editor of "A Flasher's Dozen." (I told you I don't know how to say no to writing). But the past two years I've been concentrating on crime fiction and I've been lucky enough to have some of my stories published in places like Out of the Gutter, Pulp Pusher, and Shred of Evidence.

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