Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Drawing Canceled

The drawing for a signed, personalized advance copy of The Lineup #4 is canceled. No entries were received, despite as much promotion as Twitter followers and I were willing to give over the four-day entry period.

We've tried to keep The Lineup affordable at Lulu, but the contest results show that a 20%-Off coupon and chance to win a prize weren't enough to make one sale. I still believe in The Lineup and am looking for believers to keep it going. At some point, though, belief has to meet practicality. If we don't have the sales, we'll need to cut production costs somehow, or call it a day.

The Lineup started with four people willing to help an idea become reality. In that same spirit, I look forward to working with anyone who has ideas for The Lineup's future. I'm only an e-mail away.


John Kenyon said...

Gerald, I wonder if part of the problem is that your promotions went to the same pool of people who have already pre-ordered and/or plan to buy it to support you. I didn't enter the contest because I had already pre-ordered one, and wanted to give someone else a chance.

One thing you mention that has me curious: What are the production costs of the publication? With it being print-on-demand, I assume they're low, save for the time and energy of those involved.

Regardless, your efforts are appreciated. It's a great, unique publication (that I've been trying in vain to crack for 3 years) and ought to be celebrated and supported.

Gerald So said...

You have a point, John. The entry period was brief, too, but I had hoped to reach at least a few people who hadn't bought The Lineup already.

The bulk of our production cost comes from printing one free copy per contributor. If we stopped giving contributor copies, we might save some money. Still, the cost to print The Lineup #4 at Lulu is too high for my taste and prevents us from selling the books for less than $7.00.

I'm looking into less expensive methods and materials which will allow us to produce more copies for marketing purposes. The quality of our poetry content is what I want to maintain.