Monday, February 21, 2011

Lineups 1-3 Now Available in PDF

We've explored releasing The Lineup in eBook format as well as print. The major obstacle has been that poem text doesn't flow like prose. It is sometimes laid out in nonstandard ways, and if that formatting is lost, the poem is lost.

Looking to the future, to our prospects of growing The Lineup by working with a more established press or distributor like Consortium or PGW, we need a more complete picture of the demand for The Lineup. As such, I've made Lineups #1-3 available as PDF downloads from

These PDFs preserve the full interior text as originally published, but may not be the optimal format for your particular e-reader. In any case, they are another way to get The Lineup, and if they sell well, The Lineup #4 will be released in PDF as well as print on April 1.

The PDFs are also eligible purchases in the drawing for an advance signed and personalized copy of The Lineup #4. The contest ends tonight at 11:59 Eastern time, so get to it.

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