Saturday, March 31, 2012

30 Days of The 5-2 Blog Tour

5-2 Tour BadgeWelcome to the 30 Days of The 5-2 blog tour for April, National Poetry Month 2012.

All dates are booked, but I don't mind multiple tour stops on one day. If you want to join in, pick your favorite 5-2 poem, and prepare an entry to post to your blog on an April date of your choice. If you don't have your own blog but would like to participate, e-mail me your entry and I'll post it here.

The content and format of your entry are up to you. Expound on why you like the poem, interview the poet, whatever you'd like to do.

E-mail g_so AT yahoo DOT com to book a tour date, and I'll fill it in below.

To put a tour badge on your site like the one seen here, follow these instructions.

Sunday, April 1 - Kevin Burton Smith, The Thrilling Detective Blog
Monday, April 2 - 5-2 Poem of the Week: "Suspect Has a History" by Jack Bates
Tuesday, April 3 - Thomas Pluck, Pluck You, Too
Wednesday, April 4 - BV Lawson, In Reference to Murder
Thursday, April 5 - John Kenyon, Grift Magazine
Friday, April 6 - Jeff Shelby, Waves and Words
Saturday, April 7 - Peter Rozovsky, Detectives Beyond Borders
Sunday, April 8 - Anne Frasier
Monday, April 9 - 5-2 Poem of the Week: "Too Easy by Far" by Stephen D. Rogers
Tuesday, April 10 - Jim Winter, Edged in Blue
Wednesday, April 11 - Kathleen A. Ryan, Women of Mystery
Thursday, April 12 - Steven Torres, The Crime Time Cafe
Thursday, April 12 - Ron Earl Phillips
Friday, April 13 - JT Ellison, Tao of JT
Saturday, April 14 - Charlie Stella, Temporary Knucksline
Sunday, April 15 - Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine
Monday, April 16 - 5-2 Poem of the Week: "The Hardest Thing" by Nancy Scott
Tuesday, April 17 - R. Thomas Brown
Wednesday, April 18 - Patricia Abbott, Pattinase
Thursday, April 19 - Bill Cameron, Thinking With My Skin
Friday, April 20 - Troy D. Smith, Tennessee WordSmith
Saturday, April 21 - Chris F. Holm, _holm
Sunday, April 22 - Keith Rawson, Bloody Knuckles, Callused Fingertips
Monday, April 23 - 5-2 Poem of the Week: "Confessional Poem" by Paul Hostovsky
Tuesday, April 24 - Elizabeth A. White
Wednesday, April 25 - Kathleen A. Ryan, From Cop to Mom & the Words in Between
Thursday, April 26 - Nigel Bird, Sea Minor
Friday, April 27 - Lou Boxer
Saturday, April 28 - Joan Leotta
Sunday, April 29 - Cullen Gallagher, Pulp Serenade
Monday, April 30 - 5-2 Poem of the Week: "The Escape" by Margaret Anderson

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