Monday, November 18, 2013

Ken Tufford


I learned from an old gangster
many years ago:

always display
good manners and fine grooming.

It's the foundation
for the illusion that you're
above suspicion.

Ken reads "Above Suspicion":

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Ken confesses: "Polite well-dressed individuals are often assumed to be respectable and trustworthy, although deeper investigation may reveal dark secrets. Similarly, at first glance the poem appears to be unstructured free verse, but with closer investigation, one can see a certain sideways symmetry to the first two stanzas and that the third stanza is a haiku."

KEN TUFFORD is a Special Education/Literature teacher at Emerson Jr/Sr High School in Emerson, New Jersey, and a graduate of William Paterson University. He currently resides in northern New Jersey, with his wife and son.

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