Monday, November 25, 2013

Stevie Cenko


Star light, star bright, the last star I will see
tonight. Jacksonville will still always be
my home. I was the DJ at the Starlite Café.
I played rock, reggae and requests. I looked at
everyone. I loved to get them dancing and see
them hugging. I made friends with Leon,
a popular guy. One night, outside, he argued
with me, said I looked at his girlfriend, wouldn't
play her request: a contradiction to me. He beat
me that night. I crawled a few blocks away
and passed out. When I woke up, my eyeballs
were sitting on my cheeks, my right ear sliced off.
A good Samaritan found me and phoned 911.
Leon received two life sentences:
one for each eye sliced out.

Stevie reads "Why?":

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Stevie confesses: "When Crime Equals Horror - Occasionally, we read of a crime committed that is pure, evil horror. When I first learned of the horror Mr. Anthony Blakely suffered, I could only conclude Foster Rayfield Leon was sentenced to two life terms with one sentence for each eye."

STEVIE CENKO, originally from Clifton, NJ, has lived in Florida for almost the past fifteen years. She’s resided in Bradenton Beach, Cocoa Beach, and now lives in Leesburg in Central Florida at Lake Griffin. Stevie earned her MFA online in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2011. She won first place poetry in the 2002 Florence Girven Pentangle Magazine Contest and has had a few poems published elsewhere.

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