Monday, February 17, 2014

Sarah Nichols


Even after all these years,
my tongue tastes your salt.

how your fingerprints follow me down.

Your throat inside mine, at last.


The ache-lick of you.
never destroyed.

Kristen Chapman Gibbons reads "Salt":

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Sarah confesses: "I tend to think of poetry as alchemy, and this is an autobiographical poem. Someone swallowed my heart, and now, I get to take it back. The leaden materials of life are transmuted into a dark gold…and I like being an alchemist. Or a sorceress."

SARAH NICHOLS is a writer and artist living in Bristol, Connecticut. She is the author of The Country of No (Finishing Line Press, 2012). Her poems have also appeared in Found Poetry Review and Silver Birch Press's Noir Erasure Poetry Anthology. A passionate cinephile, she is a contributing writer for the online journal desistfilm, and has written about Fritz Lang's Scarlet Street for Senses of Cinema.

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