Wednesday, April 1, 2015

30 Days of The Five-Two (2015)

"Inaugurated in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month is now held every April, when schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets throughout the United States band together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture."

For the fifth consecutive year, I'm joining the celebration with a blog tour. For my tours, I don't ask to guest-post on your blogs. Instead, I invite you to post about poetry. If you don't have a blog, email your entry to G_SO at YAHOO dot COM and you'll be my guest here at The Five-Two.

I've filled the schedule with poems that may inspire you to blog. If these or other poems inspire you, email me, and I'll link to your blogs on the schedule.

Your entry can be as creative as you like:

  • Interview a Five-Two contributor
  • Discuss a favorite poem not from The Five-Two
  • Post your own poetry or fiction in response to a Five-Two poem
  • Contributors, discuss your poems in greater detail
  • Voices of The Five-Two, discuss your performance in greater detail

I'm fine scheduling multiple tour stops on the same day or about the same poem. Everyone has a different perspective after all, and I'm glad to add entries even after April 1. To book a date, email G_SO at YAHOO dot COM.

Participants and promoters of the tour may download the badge image above and add it to their entries or follow these instructions to copy-and-paste the image HTML code.

All April revenue from Five-Two and Lineup books and merchandise is donated to the nonprofit Academy of American Poets, supporting poets at all stages of their careers and fostering the appreciation of contemporary poetry.

04-01-15 - Wednesday - "Eve Shrugged" by Catherine Wald
04-02-15 - Thursday - B.V. Lawson at In Reference to Murder
04-02-15 - Thursday - A-Z Crime Poetry Challenge: D
04-03-15 - Friday - "First Grade Criminal" by Anne Graue
04-04-15 - Saturday - "The Writing of Harlots" by Paul Hostovsky
04-05-15 - Sunday - "Kevin" by Matt Hohner
04-06-15 - Monday - Poem of the Week - "Entrepreneur's Primer" by Dennis Weiser
04-06-15 - Monday - Charles Rammelkamp on "You Didn't Mean to Kill Anyone"
04-07-15 - Tuesday - Deb Lacy at Mystery Playground
04-08-15 - Wednesday - "Another Shooting" by John David Muth
04-09-15 - Thursday - "Escape from Dallas" by William G. Rector
04-09-15 - Thursday - A-Z Crime Poetry Challenge: E
04-10-15 - Friday - "The Escape" by Margaret Anderson
04-11-15 - Friday - Criminal Element
04-11-15 - Saturday - "Muse Noir" by Mehnaz Sahibzada
04-12-15 - Sunday - Noir at the Bar NYC recap
04-13-15 - Monday - Poem of the Week - "Man Stalked Woman..." by A.J. Huffman
04-14-15 - Tuesday - "dance obsolete obstinancy" by Heidi Kraay
04-15-15 - Wednesday - Kathleen A. Ryan at Women of Mystery
04-16-15 - Thursday - "The Song o' No One's Daughter" by Johnny Longfellow
04-16-15 - Thursday - A-Z Crime Poetry Challenge: F
04-17-15 - Friday - "Concerned about the 'How'" by Ann Clark
04-18-15 - Saturday - "Target" by Peter M. Gordon
04-19-15 - Sunday - "Lew Archer Writes a Poem" by Tom Brzezina
04-20-15 - Monday - Poem of the Week - "Facts" by Robert Cooperman
04-21-15 - Tuesday - "Trickster Time" by Linda Rodriguez
04-22-15 - Wednesday - "Crime Story" by Alan Catlin
04-23-15 - Thursday - "The Stainless Steel Wallet" by Amy Holman
04-23-15 - Thursday - A-Z Challenge: G
04-24-15 - Friday - "But People Just Don't Act That Way" by Allen Stein
04-25-15 - Saturday - "Slenderman" by Kristina England
04-26-15 - Sunday - "Get a Gun" by Nicole C. Scott
04-27-15 - Monday - Poem of the Week - "Con Man" by Joe Barnes
04-28-15 - Tuesday - "Swine" by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
04-29-15 - Wednesday - "Salad Night" by Mabel Lee
04-30-15 - Thursday - "The End of Fun and Games" by Kimberlee Smith
04-30-15 - Thursday - Elizabeth Lash on "The End of Fun and Games"
04-30-15 - Thursday - A-Z Challenge: H
04-30-15 - Thursday - All Those Hungry Mouths by Keith Rawson

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