Monday, October 26, 2015

Tonia Kalouria


This "gentleman's" a demon-dastard,
a psycho-sadist, do or die;
a real-life off-spring of Old Lucifer,
spawned on a dung-heap of flies.

That "gentleman's" a stone-cold gargoyle:
Both rape and arson: Praise on high!
A vicious villain to report on—
while secretly hoping he'll fry.

Those "gentlemen," they hunt their victims—
to hear them suffer, watch them die—
for they are wicked, cunning Nimrods:
and EVIL's the "who," "what," and the "why."

Gerald So reads "Ode to the Homicidal 'Gentlemen'":

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Tonia confesses: "'Gentleman' is a disconcerting term of overcompensation sometimes used by reporters to conceal disgust toward the 'alleged' perpetrators of particularly heinous crimes."

TONIA KALOURIA is a retired Spanish teacher who played psychiatrist Tonia Wilson on Passions from 2002 to 2007. Her book, Aerobic Poetry: Critter Connections Collection, features humorous, rhythmic poems meant to be read aloud to help lower blood pressure and improve lung function. She has also published poetry in The Litchfield Review, Common Threads, and The Senior Years. She lives with her devoted husband of many years on the West Coast and has two wonderful sons and a lovely granddaughter.

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