Monday, February 15, 2016

Chuck Von Nordheim


Agencies partnered with sin obstruct the consummation of the all-seeing eye
His love aroused forgotten godhood, dissolving the shackles of human constraints
The cosmos whispers to gods and supplies ropes of code to yank open cyber doors
Those ATM and convenience store cameras wanted his betrayal witnessed
Intranet servers obey the divine and clear their gateways for revelation
Wicked mortals who reject empyrean commandments may call miracles crimes
But their terms don’t apply to transcendent beings such as she who sits in this chair
And as far as the necessary bloodletting done by my Erinys shadow
He’s in less pieces than Set left Osiris, a puzzle my Isis self can solve

Nikki Harlin reads "Jacqueline Explains Her Assault...":

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Chuck confesses: "Chad Sweeney—an awesome fellow poet—dared me to consider ways to tell old myths through modern objects. Taking up Chad's challenge, I became convinced programming code and surveillance tech imbued today's mortals with powers our ancestors would deem godlike, allowing mythic excesses any cop would construe as a crime."

CHUCK VON NORDHEIM returned to academia after a 22-year Air Force career. Currently, he poses as an MFA candidate at CSU San Bernardino on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the week, he scours Mojave Desert garages and antique shops for Highway 66 memorabilia he can sell on eBay. His work has appeared in Poetry Quarterly (Prolific Press), Northridge Review, Statements Magazine, and Illumen.

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robinhl said...

Nice work! And relates somewhat to your short story "I Know I Am Restless and Make Others So" in this month's Better Than Starbucks.