Monday, February 22, 2016

Rosemarie Keenan


He wasn't all mine
no matter what he said.

I saw him tending to them,
pretty things
just blooming.

Spending my money
to water
them with wine.

I’ve learned pruning is essential
for maintaining roses' health,
with shears or sometimes saws.
While wearing gloves, of course.

He wasn't all mine
no matter what he said.
He spread himself around
like ashes on this flower bed.

Rosemarie reads "Grandiflora":

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Rosemarie confesses: "Roses are a traditional symbol of love but sometimes love goes wrong. Still, the flowers need tending."

ROSEMARIE KEENAN, with her husband Vince Keenan, writes as Renee Patrick. Their debut novel, the classic Hollywood mystery, Design for Dying will be published by Forge books in April 2016. Rosemarie's poetry has been featured at The Five-Two and in Silver Birch Press's anthology Noir Erasure Poetry.