Monday, June 13, 2016

Bruce Harris


His four word sign,
"Food. Money. God Bless,"
an ineffective shield to my fist,
which yesterday handed him a C-note,
before he drove away in the Porsche parked nearby.

Gerald So reads "The Beggar":

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Bruce confesses: "An impoverished woman and her young daughter held up a sign, 'We’re hungry.' I purchased two dinners for them at a nearby restaurant. She thanked me, and I watched as they disappeared through a parking lot."

BRUCE HARRIS is the author of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: ABout Type (available at


Bill Baber said...

It happens. This is great stuff!

Bill Baber said...

Best of the Net2016. So much said in a few words. A great example of what The Five-Two is about!