Monday, June 20, 2016

Robert Cooperman


Our startling undercover expose
reveals that Barack Hussein Obama,
also known as "President ISIS,"
is responsible for the toxic agents
contaminating Flint's water supply.
Surveillance video clearly shows
the traitor pouring smoking liquids
into Lake Michigan and the Flint River.

Rather than lurking in the city's falsely
accused lead pipes, which our piece
proclaims are free of contaminants,
it’s this emptying of vat upon vat
of toxic effluvia that’s responsible
for the city’s lethal water supply.

Our footage shows "President Kenya"
in a hooded and visored hazmat suit,
in an attempt to hide his identity,
but it’s clear, from his height
and estimated body mass,
who the perp is: the proof

that this illegal squatter—
though not for much longer—
in the White House
is a jihadi murderer of our nation's
most valuable resource:
our precious children, even these:
white trash, Hispanic, and black.

God damn our many enemies:
without and within.
And God Bless America!

Gerald So reads "Obama Responsible for Flint...":

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Cooperman confesses: "From the instant Barack Obama won the 2008 election, the Republicans wanted him out of office. To them he wasn't fit to serve, and we all know the real reason. Senator Mitch McConnell proudly asserted job #1 was to make sure Obama served only one term. Donald Trump began making birther rants, etc. This poem is merely the logical end result of all that idiot vitriol."

ROBERT COOPERMAN's Draft Board Blues is forthcoming from FutureCycle Press. His most recent collection is Just Drive (Brick Road Poetry Press).

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