Monday, November 5, 2018

Robert Cooperman


No way was this anything but Dems
and CNN trying to steal my election.
I’m not actually running, which I will be,
and will win, in a landslide, in 2020,
unless the Damn Dems rig it with illegals
and dead people voting twice, and the blacks
who aren’t registered voting three, four times,
and scabs from other states casting ballots.
It’s my fabulous Make America Great Again
the mob of Enemies of America want to destroy.

So they caught this guy, this Cesar Sayoc,
and I bet he’s an FBI plant, since the Feds
hate me like rotten eggs. I bet he’s really
an illegal Mexican or from shit hole country
that wants to ship millions of terrorists here,
like that caravan moving up through Mexico
like a giant snake, to strangle my great country.

I further guarantee he’s got ties to the creeps
he “sent” pipe bombs to, the devices harmless,
only meant to scare my people into forgetting
what the Dems and Scummy Cesar are up to.

This guy will break under interrogation
if the Cheatin’ FBI lets me interrogate him;
he’ll admit he’s in cahoots with No Talent De Niro,
Droolin’ Joe, and the ringleader, Lyin’ Hilary.

Gerald So reads "Trump and the Mail Bombs":

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Bob confesses: "I was listening to the news, with horrified fascination, as more and more mailed pipe bombs were being discovered, thank goodness unexploded, when it occurred to me that in his twisted, evil mind, Trump would pin the blame on those he's created as his (and HIS) country's enemies, not on the real perpetrator, a twisted, Trump-loving, Democrat-hating violent sociopath. The poem just flowed from there like a fever dream."

ROBERT COOPERMAN's latest releases are the chapbook Saved by the Dead (yes, the Grateful Dead) and the full-length collections Their Wars (Kelsay Books), That Summer (Main Street Rag) and The Devil Who Raised Me (Lithic Press).

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