Monday, September 16, 2019

David S. Pointer


from adequate eschelons
inside speech code economy,
amidst parking lot suicides,
where land based invertebrates
lead the country into long
term low intensity conflict
at home, and ever abroad,

where unkept promises
keep pulling at the trigger
guards, inside, survival
level, brain wirings
egged off by 3-D color
avatars in video games
birthed to forcep more of
the forgotten to eternal war.

David reads "Post-Enlistment Trail":

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David confesses: " This poem was inspired by a lifetime of watching how some enlisted veterans are excluded from the economy and do not always end up with the things they have previously been promised. Once the modern brain research started rolling in-it was then scientifically known how American hiring discriminates between frontal lobe (happy-faced) people, and mid-region survival level brain chemistry."

DAVID S.POINTER served as a United States Marine Corps military policeman. He has a recent poem published in Spitball magazine on the Chicago Black Sox scandal issue.

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