Monday, September 9, 2019

Larry Chavis


She wanders alone, her eyes cast down,
A lonely soul, a perilous town.
The hunter sees, lust reshapes his frown.
His arms reach out, club aimed at her crown.
She whirls in a flash, no fear for her life.
Her knife slashes out, his blood spills down.

Gerald So reads "The Hunt":

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Larry confesses: "The inspiration for "The Hunt" began with the form itself, the Welsh 'hir a thoddaid.' The form specifies a particular number of syllables for each line and a particular rhyme scheme. It intrigued me, and I wondered if I, primarily a short story writer, could write a hir a thoddaid. And, since most of my stories are crime-related, with a twist, it didn't take long for the hapless Hunter to show up in search of his prey."

LARRY CHAVIS is a retired physics and math teacher who lives and writes in south-central Mississippi. Currently vice president of the Short Mystery Fiction Society, "The Hunt" represents his venturing (if timidly) into crime poetry from his usual short story pursuits.


John said...


mjholt said...

Wickedly good.

badge # 979 said...

I never thought about writing a crime poem. Clever.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Fabulous! I love that Larry followed a traditional form and it made the poem hauntingly beautiful!!

Earl Staggs said...

Larry, You've forced me to drag out my own venture into poetry.

Poetry's fine
If that's your incline.
I must, however, admit
It really isn't mine.
Since, then, I can't rhyme
Worth a solitary dime,
I'll happily stick
To writing mystery and crime.

Larry Chavis said...

Thank you!

Larry Chavis said...

Thank you!

Larry Chavis said...

I enjoyed trying it. Thanks!

Larry Chavis said...

Thank you, Terrie! It was the form that grabbed me when I first read about it. I enjoyed putting my hand to it.

Larry Chavis said...

Well, Earl, that was fine! I’ve never produced much poetry, and rarely any that was any good. I enjoyed this, though.