Tuesday, March 21, 2017

30 Days of The Five-Two (2017)

In 1999, UNESCO declared March 21 World Poetry Day, a good day to remind you that April is National Poetry Month, as "inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Over the years, it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s vital place in our culture."

The Five-Two joins the celebration with a month-long blog tour inviting you to post about poetry. If you don't have a blog, email me your entry and you'll be my guest here at The Five-Two.

Your entry can be as creative as you like:

  • Interview a Five-Two contributor
  • Write about a favorite poem from The Five-Two or elsewhere
  • Post your own poetry or fiction in response to a Five-Two poem
  • Contributors, discuss your poems in greater detail
  • Voices of The Five-Two, discuss the poems you've performed

I'm fine scheduling multiple tour stops on the same day or about the same poem. Everyone has a different perspective after all, and I'm glad to add entries even after April 1. To book a date, email me

The tour also links to poems to encourage you to join, many not from The Five-Two. Crime bleeds into more than you'd suspect.

Feel free to follow tweets about the tour with #30OfThe52.

Participants and promoters of the tour may download the badge image above and add it to their entries or follow these instructions to copy-and-paste the image HTML code.

All April revenue from Five-Two and Lineup books and merchandise is donated to the nonprofit Academy of American Poets, supporting poets at all stages of their careers and fostering the appreciation of contemporary poetry.

  • April 01 - Saturday - Mystery Playground features "Grandiflora" by Rosemarie Keenan
  • April 02 - Sunday - From Diode poetry journal, "Apocalypse with Rod Serling" by Jeannine Hall Gailey
  • April 03 - Monday - Poem of the Week: "Sins to Forgive" by J.H. Johns
  • April 04 - Tuesday from Red Fez, "Proper Burial" by Patrick Theron Erickson
  • April 05 - Wednesday from Midnight Lane Boutique, poems by Heather Lenz
  • April 06 - Thursday - Charles Rammelkamp on "The Porn-Phone Caper" by Paula Willis
  • April 07 - Friday from Miracle Fruit by Aimee Nezhukumatathil, "Swear Words"
  • April 08 - Saturday - Mystery Playground features "Testimony" by Lida Bushloper
  • April 09 - Sunday from Misfit Magazine.net, "Chain Saw" by Joan Colby
  • April 10 - Monday - Poem of the Week: "Vacants" by Joseph S. Pete
  • April 11 - Tuesday from Juked, "The Difference Between Falling and Flying" by Suzanne O'Connell
  • April 12 - Wednesday from Yellow Mama, "Harley Caress" by Joe Balaz
  • April 13 - Thursday from Quantum Lyrics by A. Van Jordan, "Que Sera Sera"
  • April 14 - Friday from Empty Mirror, "Hijacked" by Gloria Avner
  • April 15 - Saturday
  • April 16 - Sunday from A House Waiting for Music by David Hernandez, "Lisa"
  • April 17 - Monday - Poem of the Week: "Day of Judgment" by Nancy Scott
  • April 18 - Tuesday from Defenestration, "No Title (on purpose)" by Matt Kolbet
  • April 19 - Wednesday from Change of Address: Poems, New and Selected by David R. Slavitt, "The Intruder"
  • April 20 - Thursday from Scriptorium: Poems by Melissa Range, "Crooked as a Dog's Hind Leg"
  • April 21 - Friday from Our Portion: New and Selected Poems by Philip Terman, "What We Own"
  • April 22 - Saturday - Mystery Playground features "Is It So Hard?" by Craig Faustus Buck
  • April 23 - Sunday - Sonnet 138 by William Shakespeare
  • April 24 - Monday - Poem of the Week: "Her Beheading" by Anne Graue
  • April 25 - Tuesday from The Moment's Only Moment by Emilie Buchwald, "Paradise"
  • April 26 - Wednesday from American Sentencing by Jen Karetnick, "What My Autopsy Will Reveal"
  • April 27 - Thursday from Valium by J.R. Solonche, "The Devil's Villanelle"
  • April 28 - Friday from No Texting at the Dinner Table by Christopher Goodrich, "Confronting Plagiarism"
  • April 29 - Saturday - Mystery Playground features "Fair Housing" by Charles Rammelkamp
  • April 30 - Sunday from Interrogating Water by Philip Fried, "Interrogating Water"

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